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Reviews Page Two

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(reviews on segmented chapters)

* I won't criticize this, I wouldn't dare, I've read your profile, I'm even worried about this review. Only kidding, It's great, I'm trying to write a similar thing, but mine reads like an account, yours reads like a story. I would like to take up your offer of private tuition.

Comment Written 13-Feb-2005


* I am thoroughly engaged. Great Job.

Comment Written 11-Feb-2005


* I have been waiting for the next chapter in this story. It is excellent in both dialogue and suspense. I wish you the very best of luck in getting this published. Kept me glued 'till the end once again. As always ...

Comment Written 11-Feb-2005


* What a wonderful write ... your writing always amazes me. You capture detail very well. You really remain focused on each character as you write, Fantastic!  Outstanding writing, Jannie! Superb writing! Your writing amazes me, just
unbelievable how you just capture every detail. The guy is a nut! A real basket case, but makes for an interesting read. Great writing and a fantastic story! Wonderful read!

Comment Written 11-Feb-2005


* Yippee. So glad to have you back posting these great chapters. I was going through withdrawal. Well done. As always, reading your writing is a real treat.

Comment Written 11-Feb-2005


* Makes me very excited to start from the beginning. Thanks for being such a great writer. I am intrigued--- I'll mark this and read more soon. Your characters are real and raw, your plot is thick.

Comment Written 09-Feb-2005


* Had a good laugh at the name 'Surf and Slurp.' What a good idea. You seamlessly integrated lots of interesting and important facts about police work and procedure into this chapter which I really enjoyed. And then the chapter ended in suspense, too!  Every chapter did!

Comment Written 08-Feb-2005


* Ahh, my paranormal skills were right, she is a psychic! Thanks for not giving that out in the first couple chapters. Will you refer to Toni as a psychic on the flyleaf summary? Please don't, you tantalize in your clever dropping of hints. You are skilfully drawing a character of a woman who not only demands respect-- but has earned it ... and she gets it!

Comment Written 04-Feb-2005


* Are you sure you don't have 'the gift,' Jannie? It's hard to imagine someone who could imagine all this detail about the way Reddick thinks, without being able to pluck it out of the ether. Yep, he is one sick bastard, Jannie. And you are painting him so, that you'll hold your audience. When you get this on paper, it's going to be one of those books the reader can't put down. Gads! You do have a skill at raking up the gruesome dregs of Reddick's rotten soul-- and rotten teeth. What a rip snortin' start off. No wonder you have an offer. You'll probably get some more with this yarn.

published author
Comment Written 03-Feb-2005


* Whoa, spooky! This guy's a real nut job! What interesting characters. I can see why this was offered a contract, it's very well written and more importantly, perhaps, the story line is fascinating. Great job.

Comment Written 03-Feb-2005

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* Hope you get it published, it's brilliant.

Comment Written 03-Feb-2005


* Congratulations! Our little Jannie is heading to the big time! Great job and I found nothing whatsoever wrong with this offering, though I scoured. Good job and I love the detail you got into, though it is disturbing.

Comment Written 05-Jan-2005


* Okay Ms. JB, the only reason I am giving you 5 stars on this is because it won't let me go any higher. You have written an extremely impressive novel, with an impeccable first opening paragraph. The kind that gets glanced over in the book aisle of a grocery store or bookstore, and immediately goes into the basket without the slightest doubt. You opened with a crime (a simple concept many writers seem to be unable to grasp) and went on-- in one opening chapter-- to establish your style and tone with that must-read clarity that marks a GREAT writer. You have taken readers into the mind of a psychopathic killer in a breathtaking manner. This is not your normal nice-guy-next-door-turns-out-to-be-SURPRISE-a-psycho-serial-killer-but-hey--he-was-an abused-child-so-it's-no-wonder, type character. No, he is a very bad man, period. He may turn out to be brilliant like Hannibal Lector, or, I suspect from the not-quite subtle hints, a victim of a mother who was half- Carrie's mother (Stephen King) and half-Francis Dollarhide's mother (I think that was his name-- the killer in Red Dragon) or both, but regardless, this is a scary man. Excellent characterization, excellent plot, excellent use of creative license ... simply excellent. I haven't really looked hard for anything constructive to offer-- this review comes a day late and a dollar short already, and although I haven't read any of your reviews yet, I suspect that enough nitpicking from the line-by-line reading editorial types, has already been put out there, so I won't even try. Did I mention that this was excellent?

Comment Written 05-Jan-2005


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