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Poetry - Page Two

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Excerpts from my novel, "Leave A Whisper"


Upon darkened dancing shadows,
eerie midnight falls.
Somber piercing winds of cold,
quietly bestowed chanting melodies,
dwelling empty and unheard
on deafened ears.
Resounding dancing whispers,
that only a few could hear ...
echoes through the bitter cold
of midnight's putrid air.
Falling silently upon
darkened shadows of the night,
dancing whispers grimly lingered
through the gloomy night's descent ...



~Afflicted Beauty~

... Beauty is art yet unfinished,
waiting impatiently to be blanketed
in the warmth of its delusion,
neatly woven from its own affliction.
Only the artist has eyes to see
his carefully crafted perfection ...




...And a man's work is never finished,
left undone, it seeks perfection.
As famous men have fallen high,
of much their own unsettling affliction
and all the while they must continue,
searching for their famous recognition ...



 ~Grimly Desire~

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
in which is the choice of his own desire,
selfishly, to possess for himself
for his own demented reflection,

the fruits in which he so grimly reaps,
becoming darker, and deadly bolder ...



You can't turn your face away
as I possess your last breath.
Off it goes into the dark unknown
while your eyes can only see
what I've allowed so graciously.
Now, your death is mine to behold
as I make myself so eminently known ...


Death is a strange mystery
dwelling dark and deep inside.
It's so unknown to you,
but it's not to me, you see.
Yes, it's alive and well
waiting for you, and waiting on me ...

~Oh, Pretty Missy~

Oh, little, pretty missy,
how sweet you will taste,
when I lick your blood
from your innocent face.
Your warmth shall be mine,
as I shall partake.
You'll belong to me
for as long as I make ...


Evil masks a faceless stranger
with intense eyes, to be unforgotten,
lurking in the shadows of the darkness,
ambulating, close and near.
Evil rushes, spreading its fear
into hearts of the unsuspecting innocent ...

 ~I Know You~

Woman, woman, my beautiful possession,
the one that elicits my obsession,
can't escape the fate that becomes
one's eminent creation
when the time comes near.
You think you hear me,
but you don't know me,
like I know you, so well.
So, listen again, behold my words,
ringing true, in lovely chords.
I will see you soon, meet you
in the darkened shadows
of our minds, and we will dwell,
forever together, in our own hell ...

~Life's Shame~

Is there a hidden meaning to this life?
Full of sorrowed plight, so full of strife?
Where obscure dreams dare dwell,
among our demise, eventual peril.
Every night, and darkened day,
we blindly seek out, finding only dismay.
Our empty life we pitifully name,
hidden deeply secluded, in our shame ...


Nowhere can a secret hide,
always buried deep inside,
locked within a darkened heart
where only evil dare reside.
A sundry of time, now long past,
grim memories taunting so arrant.

Dark secrets of a deep disorder,
a life its own, a shape is molded.
Alive it dwells inside a soul,
forever lost amid ill toil,
among unspoken, it cannot lie ...
no where can a secret hide ...


To spend energy,
but mere time,
plotting sweet death
for the unique
and chosen few selected.
Safety has no barriers,
no boundaries,
no secret escape,
you will not find.
No where can you hide
from such fate,
not woman; wife, mother,
nor sister,
will cheat me of
my heart's ghastly desire ...


Fame is now mine.
And it's time to give an encore.
For what they have witnessed,
of my art, so cleverly perfected,
is only the alpha,
of what I can create.
Until I prove there is no omega,
unless I choose to spawn,
an ending to my game,
in my own sweet time ...

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"Poetry is one's soul simply crying out."

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