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Novels in Progress

Leave A Whisper 
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There's a serial killer on the loose terrorizing and mutilating women in Detective Brad Meadows' city. He's vigorously trying to solve the case, has no leads, and is at his wit's end.

Meadows recruits retired, but prominent forensic psychic, Toni Taft to help him catch the killer.

Together, they are a team to be reckoned with.

But what Toni hasn't anticipated is, she's traded in her serene retirement for an unrelenting terror.

She has visions of what's going to happen next and hears the killer's demented chants in her head. His whispers...

She's connected to him somehow.

Be Careful What You Wish



Be Careful What You Wish...

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Audrey is a genetic engineer who reached her goal achieving an increase in the mutating rate of her newly manipulated IQ gene. She had discovered that her research was a scientific breakthrough in the realm of genetics-- more than she'd bargained for.

What happened? What had she done?

Like a puzzle laying on a table waiting to be put assembled, after six years, the pieces were starting to fall into place. Or so Victor Jarrett thought, until a stranger visited him with an offer he couldn't refuse. He'd been in prison too long and there didn't seem a way out.
Or was there? Should he accept the offer? Did he really have any choice?

The arrogant Mr. Chance had an insatiable thirst for power and had his evil hand in the middle of everything. He thought he was in control of the world.

But is he really in control, even of himself?

They were unaware of the strange and powerful forces at play. Forces that are entwining them, changing them.

How can they fight something that doesn't exist in their world? Or does it?

... They are changing ... changing forever ...

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...Upon darkened dancing shadows, eerie midnight falls...

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