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Crimespace: A place for crime fiction readers, writers and lovers set in a MySpace atsmosphere.

The Next Big Writer 

The Next Big Writer

For unpublished writers, the site is the best place to receive feedback; to test the appeal of your work in a real community; and to build support and a following for your writing. For self-published writers, the site provides a place to receive reviews on your work, to gain exposure and readership, and to promote your published book. And for beginner writers, the site provides a low pressure way to receive feedback from more experienced writers. The Next Big Writer


American Zoetrope

American Zoetrope

A free workshop. No membership cost. You can submit work to the Virtual Studio, and can participate in a workshop environment designed to help refine your craft. You'll receive invaluable feedback,collaborate and network with other writers, artists, and screenplay writers, and market your services. All submissions will be made
available to American Zoetrope and other member production companies, contingent only on your participation in the workshop. They have "Offices" you can join which is their best feature. 




A community for writers to post articles and advertise.




A paid writers community with peers to help you with your writing. Post stories, poetry, chapters of books (entire book as you write) and get honest feedback and critque. I personally spent two years as a member and learned more at Fanstory through published writers than any education could ever teach.



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 Sisters In Crime

If you are a female writer interested in the mystery and crime genre, you should visit Sisters in Crime. Founded in 1986 with over 50 chapters around the world, this organization is dedicated to furthering the careers of women authors. The Internet Chapter was founded in 1994 with the purpose to maintain a chapter accessible to everyone. There are female members and male members. Click on the logo to see if there's a chapter in your area, or join the Internet Chapter. Sisters in Crime Internet Chapter

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Scoobie and RJ- my baby's babiesScoobie and RJ- my babies 
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In every talented person with a small desire to write-- hides a truly gifted writer,
once armed with a little knowledge and good editing."

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