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Writers deserve royalties

Jannie Balliett is a published author of short stories and poetry, a freelance writer, professional editor, former advice columnist, and a former founder of online writer workshops, teaching novice, intermediate, and advanced writers. 

She writes paranormal crime and paranormal thriller mysteries. She writes fictional short stories and poetry for pleasure, with some published. Her current novel is a dark paranormal saga, LEAVE A WHISPER.

She is editor and owner of A1 Editorial Service,  aiding writers prepare their works for submission to the traditional publisher and for self-published, POD printing.

She is also an expert in the writing books category for AllExperts.com, writing and grammar category, as well as the Boxer breed category.

Texas- The Lonestar State

Jannie is
a transplanted Texan, having raised three grown Texans qualifying her as a proud Texan. She has six grandchildren and one step-grandson, five great-grandchildren with the sixth on-the-way. She lost her oldest daughter and wrote a dedicated poem for her, and also lost a step-son which she wrote a poem dedicated for him as well.

She's lived in East, North, and Central Texas, while currently living back in the Central Texas area with her female Boxer, Zoe, who always listens without interrupting, never talking back, and critiques her work honestly and fairly, and her side-kick Mya, a female Chocolate Lab/Border Collie mix.

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