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Fad or For Real

What people are doing to their bodies for the sake of their own individual perception of beauty, has taken on more than just a mere fad status, but a full blown epidemic.

The latest in body piercing is corset piercing. It consists of a row of loops, pierced down the back on both sides. Ribbons are laced through and tied as the original corset of olden days.

Ribbons range from narrow to wide and offered in various colors and textures. Girls are having corset piercing done for proms, and others add the corset adornment to their already, prominent display of tattoos and body piercing collection.

What started as ear piercing, advanced to nose piercing and belly button piercing, then soon escalated to eyebrow piercing, lip and tongue piercing, and as far down the human body to genital piercing, including nipples.

That was an outrage to the older generation who forgot that they, themselves, once swallowed live goldfish.

How is this body alteration any different from the Lizard Man, who is going through his own body modification, transformation project?

People were in awe of him when he first appeared on television, showcasing a split tongue. He now proudly shows off filed teeth sharpened to points, a scalp tattoo, eyelid tattooing, tongue tattoo with a split tongue as mentioned, feet tattooing, X tattooing by the infamous Spider Webb tattoo artist, lip tattoo, fingertip tattooing, and ear tattooing. Of course his entire body is almost entirely covered in tattoos now.

The latest craze before corset piercing was the skin implants, which didn't stick around too long in the fad era due to its higher risk of infection and problems. But then again, many people didn't have problems and there's always someone that believes they won't either.

With the average, younger generation of today, that are adorning numerous ears piercing, eyebrows, nose, lip, tongue, nipples, genital, the new corset piercing for women (and men won't be far behind with a male version, I'm sure), tattooing every spot imaginable on the body from scalp to toes... all that is left for them to do to themselves, is modifications like the original Lizard Man.

Soon, we won't be able to recognize the humans from the reptiles, or whatever animal they choose to mimic.

  Corsett Piercing Corsett piercing  Lizard Man (the real Lizard Man)

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"If man continues mutilating his body,
                       soon there will be no distinction of
 a higher being..."
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